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SIBYL Civil Protection Workshop L’Aquila, Italy, 30th – 31st May, 2016

As part of dissemination and capacity building efforts within the SIBYL project (Task E Training and capacity building), a workshop on the various tools being developed within the project was held in l’Aquila, Italy, from 30th to 31st May, 2016. Members of the Italian, Greek and German civil protection agencies attended, as well as representatives of the local municipality and university. It was in fact the first time during the course of the project that civil protection representatives from all three partner-countries participated in a project meeting and shared their experience and vision of the problems under consideration.

The workshop was a success with the participants showing interest in the products and the ongoing developments within the project. Furthermore, the input from the attendees was of particular value. However, more input from them and their fellow civil protection practitioners is required, which we hope will be forthcoming via a questionnaire we distributed to them during the workshop.

The presentations given may be accessed below:

Welcome and general overview of the project
(Stefano Parolai, GFZ, Coordinator)
Rapid data collection and integration

(Max Pittore, GFZ)
Rapid and low-cost in-situ building vulnerability assessment

(Yury Petryna, Sergey Tyagunov, TUB)
Thessaloniki field work

(Sotiria Karapetrou, AUTH)
Real-time monitoring during a seismic sequence

(Eugenio Chioccarelli, AMRA, Tobias Boxberger, GFZ)

Presentation and demonstration of the tools:

GFZ REM system (Max Pittore, GFZ)
GFZ RRVS system
(Max Pittore, GFZ)