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Thessaloniki field work

In September/October 2015, field measurements were undertaken at several buildings in Thessaloniki, Greece, as part of SIBYL. Representatives GFZ Potsdam, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Technical University – Berlin, undertook the activities, which involved instrumenting the Administration and Faculty of Philosophy buildings of the university for the recording of ambient vibrations. The actual data collection approach is itself a procedure under development, with the TU-Berlin software for collecting and archiving topological and structural information was tested during this time. The resulting data is being used for the detailed modelling and analysis of the structures. The data collection procedure is especially important for those cases where architectural plans and structural engineering drawings are not available or when the existing structures have been modified during the course of their history (e.g., extra floors added). In addition, passive 2D array measurements for shear wave profile assessment from surface wave analysis were carried out for site assessments, while maintenance of SOSEWIN instruments already installed in these two buildings, as well as in the AHEPA hospital, was carried out.

Equipment used for measuring seismic noise and vibrations within the selected buildings. The yellow items are geophones while the while and black boxes are the GFZ-developed data logging “CUBES”.

The field team outside the administration building of the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, one of those selected as a test case in the SIBYL project.